Integrative Energy Healing

A hands on experience to balance and nourish your whole being

Integrative Energy Healing

 As we move along our healing journey we recognise the importance of connecting heart and mind. This union takes us beyond our mental daily chatter to a more mature part of ourselves. Through this union we come to know more about ourselves and we learn that compassion and forgiveness become an integral part of our continued healing, which we then extend to others as on organic part of this process. It is here that an integrated approach to healing will bring about powerful results. 

In this session Susie works as an Energy Intuitive. You will relax, fully clothed and comfortable, on the massage table, whilst Susie is guided by your body. She may receive information from the past and the future to bring forth to the present moment, where all energies can merge, setting a powerful scene for healing through the physical body, beyond the chit chat of the mind.  As she receive messages, translates them back to you, via touch or spoken word, your body/mind will integrate this information on all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through these sessions the whisperings of your Souls Journey are heard for an integrated alchemical process to begin.

Timelines can collapse and we learn that we have more available to us than we realise. In essence, we are tapping into our multi-dimensionality and learning ways to use all of this practically in the now for healing and creating. Ultimately leaving us feeling more at peace, supported and at ease in our mind and body to move through life with more joy and ease!

This session may include some gentle massage techniques, rocking, energy transfer work and breathwork. All designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation so we can receive. This work has been birthed as an integrative approach from the information received from the Akashic Records. This is truly a profound healing experience for Body, Mind and Spirit.

1 hour $90

1.5 hours $130