Death Doula

Living Well and Dying Well

When I consider wellness, I consider a life well lived.

When I consider a life well lived, I consider death and the process of dying well. When I consider dying well, I reconsider life and how it was lived.

I cannot separate life and death, they are one, a continuum of the same cycle.

Like the breath, that we explore in our yogic practices, it becomes apparent that the cycle of birth and death becomes somewhat circular.

Viewing the final stages of life as the time to reflect and surrender, allows for a sacred space within that circle to be held.

This is where I sit, as an End of Life Consultant or Death Doula.

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How I Support You on Your Journey

Akasha Heart We can work together when the big questions arise, like “what is all of this life stuff about” or “what is my purpose”. I can support you as you learn about your own personal blueprint and how to make the most of it, via the three sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra. You can explore the nature of you as we look at all of nature around us. See the home page for more information on this.

Akasha Heart I can be with you as you consider important paperwork such as your Advance Care Plan and your End of Life Directive, which covers how you would like to be cared for and whom you would like to give you that care and to make decisions on your behalf. This paperwork is undervalued as a part of life and it can be confronting to consider these things on our own. However, taking time out in life, whilst we are well and we have the energy to process any emotions that may arise, is the best time to attend to these personal needs. Once it’s done there seems to be a lightness and a confidence that comes from knowing we have taken action and personal responsibility.

Akasha Heart You can invite me in after a diagnosis. It doesn’t have to be a terminal diagnosis to have a life changing effect. I can support you to navigate through the overwhelm that comes with this information and all of your options that will be presented to you and to possibly explore other options you may be interested in.

Akasha Heart I can support you and your loved ones to prepare the send- off you would really love. We are under the impression that it has to be through a funeral home, but this is not the case. There are so many options to explore. I can support you as you plan your own rituals and ceremony that you would like to take place after Death.

Akasha Heart I can support you and your loved ones to navigate death itself. Offering home care and sitting vigil during the process of active dying.

Akasha Heart I can remain a support as your loved ones grieve and find their way back into life beyond your physical presence, forever changed by your final breath.

“My goal is to bring education to societies to see death as a beautiful part of life, a sacred space to be entered so the process of grieving has more support and understanding.”

Susie, Owner – Akasha Wellness

Your Safe Space

There are so many reasons why you would call on a Doula.

The role of the Doula fills the gaps between medical care and family support. The work of the Doula resides in the Heart. I live my life committed to my personal journey, clearing my own heart space so yours can dwell with mine.

In this space we share. Words, stories, feelings, practicalities, silence, breath and simply being together. I feel blessed that the Doula is making a re-emergence into our societies. It is at a societal, personal level, that we can find our resting place. Where we fit, who we are, who we love, how we love and how we choose to live, right up until the final breath.

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 Our initial conversation is 30 minutes and complimentary