Becoming Clear

Relax your mind and explore how you process

Becoming Clear

Are you aware that you have points in life where you feel ‘stuck’? 

The ancient philosophy of Yoga with the support of evidence based workings of the nervous system and brain, we can become more aware of how our brain operates as a tool. Through learning very simple, yet powerful processes, we discover how this tool can work for us. These processes gift us space and awareness that can lead to powerful insights. When integrated, these insights can lead to long lasting change and relief from feeling stuck and confused.

Susie offers continued support for these processes, understanding from her own experience that the insight or information received is only the first step. From here, we use that awareness and combine it with somatic processes to support the integration, so the changes become more permanent, with less dropping back into well worn patterns. A huge part of this process is developing attributes like patience, endurance and most definitely forgiveness, being able to remain present to self no matter what arises. Support through nurturing conversation and hearing yourself express as you process plays a huge role in these sessions.

1 hour – $90

1.5 hours – $130