Dive in and explore a deep and personal journey of the elements

 Ayurveda – Lifestyle Consultations

In this session, Susie will collect as much information about you and your lifestyle as possible. This information will then be viewed through the lens of Ayurveda and Yoga. The Ayurvedic perspective is a massive toolkit, which gives us information about how the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are affecting our day to day experience of life.

Do you feel heavy and bloated after eating?

Does your mind wander readily and quickly and you find it difficult to concentrate and keep up?

Do you have pain in your body or does your emotional experience of life sometimes feel overwhelming?

The way the elements express themselves in our unique make up gives us a starting point on how to use these same elements to bring balance back to our body and mind. The Ayurvedic mind knows that everything in nature is a unique expression of these elements and how they interact and play with each other is the dance of life itself. This dance can be a harmonious one, and when imbalance occurs we can learn how to find the harmony once again. Imbalance is inevitable as we move through life, we’re not looking for a prescriptive solution to our imbalances, we’re looking for a relationship with nature itself to nurture us throughout our many life changes.

Ayurveda looks at Everything in our lifestyle, from sleep, to food, to relationships, to work etc. Once the information is gathered a lifestyle plan is discussed. We start with small and simple, for anything to be sustainable and for us to want to stick with it, it must be accessible, so we discuss time and what you are prepared to add or to let go of. The simplest and most easily accessed changes are often the most potent and far reaching in their effects.

Ayurveda believes that routine and ritual are an important part of our human experience. Routines hold us at the beginning and the end of our days. The nervous system feels very held and therefore at ease within routines, because they bring a sense of predictability to our days. Within this sea of change that we all experience, this is a welcome gift. Rituals can be seasonal and changeable and very personal. These become Self love practices that serve us during the changes we inevitably encounter throughout life.

A movement and breath practice is often prescribed for where you are at at the time of consultation, which is filmed and sent to you via a link. This is a very comprehensive session and requires time and commitment to start this journey into Self.

Initial session – First hour $140, then $80 for every hour after. This session usually takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Follow up sessions are $80 per hour.