Akashic Records

Discover how your soul’s journey can bring light to the now

Akashic Records

  According to Yoga and many ancient sciences and philosophies, all of our experiences, ever had, are recorded and travel with us from incarnation to incarnation. These are called the Akashic records. Think of them like a cloud that stores our information, something like the cloud that stores our computer files.

In these sessions, Susie will work as an energy intuitive to support you to retrieve information that may be helping or hindering your progress through certain areas of your life. As this information reveals itself, Susie will work with you to understand why we are being shown what is appearing, and how you can make use of it in the Now. Susie believes and has experienced herself, that all information reveals itself to support us to grow and expand beyond our current situations. We find things that may be holding us back, and together we explore them, so we can fulfill our goals and desires for life.

The name of Susie’s business, Akasha Wellness, is derived from this work. Susie is passionate about wellness on all levels and knows from experience that delving deeper into the element of ether, where the Akashic records are stored, can bring about transformation that then informs all that we do.

This work may take time and it is recommended that you commit to three sessions over a six week period to start the process. These sessions will be anywhere up to two hours and they may involve other support processes, like movement, breath and body work. Allowing a process to unfold in this way is such a gift.  Learning and understanding how time, patience, a certain amount of surrender and care are required to delve deeper into self. Ultimately leading us to a place where we can fulfill our hearts desires and find our unique place in the big wheel of life.

Price – the first hour is $140 and $80 for every hour after that.